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As much as I love music, I have a lot of other interests as well. A major focus of mine is working with young people. I worked as a substitute teacher, off-and-on, for 3 years, and also earned a teaching license in the Summer of 2017, in Preschool-12th Grade Choral and General Music. Many people told me there were things I couldn't do, but time and again I have proved them wrong. I have mild autism, but I drive my own car, do my own chores, and have been successful in a number of jobs, school projects, piano competitions, and so on, from an early age. Accordingly, Faith, the Arts, and Ministry are my three biggest passions, and that is why I am in the early stages of planning this future school, faith, character, and music outreach ministry.

Working with Young People

The three goals/purposes of Formative Arts Ministries are to provide guidance and experience for young people, including opportunities for them to grow in their faith (if they opt to do so), solid musical instruction in a variety of music disciplines that will grow, and high-quality therapy and guidance for children and young adults on the autism spectrum. All services will be available to anyone interested in them. In other words, if your child is coming to us for therapy, but wants to also learn to play the piano or study another aspect of music (such as Music Theory or Composition), they may be eligible to use multiple aspects of our provided services.

We are seeking people with a background in autism services, Christian ministers, and Music Teachers! If you're interested in being part of this unique endeavor, please request an information/job application via e-mail or filling out the contact form at the bottom of each web page

I am also the creator of Momentous XPressions, a business where I sell original, copyrighted poetry and photography, mainly at Fall craft shows near the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. You can find out more about this below

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