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Keep aware of what's going on by visiting this page. Will be updated on a frequent basis.

Recently, I've been performing for area retirement communities. I also have a gig coming up at a burgeoning library/bar combination in Indianapolis, Indiana

In the coming weeks (early Feb/2019), I'll be moving my piano studio. I'm eagerly searching for piano students of any level, preferably youngsters and young adults since they tend to make more consistent progress. The Studio will be called Sullivan's Music, and will likely be at a Greenwood, Indiana location to be determined. A twin purpose of the studio will be for me to teach piano instruction to young people with mild autism. Very few local studios are doing this, and I know that, as an adult on the mild end of the spectrum who is still succeeding, I have some insights and teaching methods that can benefit many of these individuals

I have updated the link to my current Repertoire, found on the "What I Play" page. The new document is no longer under encription either, so anyone can pull it up if they have Microsoft Word

Momentous XPressions, a side business where I sell original poetry and photography, and where a family member sells handpainted, repurposed wine and other adult beverage bottles, held our only Fall/Winter 2018 craft Fair late last year, at Saints Francis & Clare Parish on the south side of Indianapolis! We're looking to participate in Spring and Summer shows in 2019.

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